Specializing in Website Creation, Social Media Graphics, and Podcast Editing

 for Mental Health Professionals, Advocates, & Survivors.


Website builds, Blog setup, Contact forms, Online store…it’s your unique home on the web to reach your target audience.


Are you an advocate for mental health, or an activist with a cause that you want to promote? You can have a website that showcases your work in your chosen field, and allows others to easily find you and collaborate.


Life Coaches, Spiritual Coaches, Health Coaches, and more! We’ll design a website that showcases your specialty in coaching, including testimonials, videos and other media, and professional looking contact forms and new client applications.


Therapists, LCSW’s, MSW’s, Psychologists, let’s create an online home that gives prospective clients a great spot to learn more about you and your practice.


Are you a survivor of trauma, looking to start sharing your story on a site that represents your unique message? We’ll create a blog and easy to navigate site that you’ll be proud of!

We’ll use your favorite color scheme and the fonts you like to make your website unique to you and your brand. 

Your website can have the look and feel that you want, with custom layouts and page designs, including one-page scrollable if you wish. (similar to this website design)

Contact forms, new client applications, sign-up forms, all integrated seamlessly on your website. 

Traditional, single column, masonry, magazine style, if you have a blog, we can make it standout with specialized columns, headings, and more. 

Embed your appointment scheduling calendar or event calendar directly onto your website. 

If you have YouTube videos, Podcast episodes, or other media, we can embed them right onto any page, giving your site visitors even more reasons to click around your website. 

Designed with you in mind

Highlighting your areas of speciality and expertise

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Health & Wellness, Trauma Recovery, Co-dependency, your website should reflect you, your brand, and the type of help you offer to clients.

A place where your work is showcased in a professional manner, with a site that’s easy to navigate, and not overwhelming.

(additional options available)

Add ons

Additional Options & Services

One Page Site Design

If you prefer, we can create a 1 page, scrollable website that highlights your content in a unique and modern way. Pricing based on amount of content. Starting at $350.

Website Monitoring & Updates

We log in to your site once per week to update plugins, check backups on your host, and
integrate any minor content updates that you request. Starting at $50.00 per month. Teal package includes 2 Free months.

Social Media Scheduling & Graphics

We’ll design a package that includes monitoring your social media accounts, scheduling posts, & creating a set number of custom graphics so your amazing content is posted out 24/7/365. Pricing varies based on needs and amount of content – Rates Available Hourly, or Monthly Package.

Wordpress 101

We’ll get together on a conference call or video call and screen share, teaching you the basics of wordpress. Things like creating blog posts, plugin installation, updates, media, and more, so you can feel more confident in operating your blog or website. 

Logo Creation

From simple to complex, a logo designe that is unique to you and your brand. Pricing starts at $75 for a basic text and small royalty free shape/design. More complex designs on a case by case basis. 1 Time Fee.

Media Kit

Creating a 1 or 2 page media kit in PDF format, which can be accessed and downloaded on your website. Includes contact info, social media, credentials, bio, and other pertinent information. Pricing starts at $75.00. 1 time fee.

sounding your best

Podcast Editing

With years of podcasting experience, including editing, I’ll take your recording, add in your intro, outro, and midroll, as well as editing from beginning to end, so you and your guest sound your very best!

I’ve edited multiple shows for the Mental Health News Radio Network podcasters, including my own weekly show, Beyond Your Past Podcast.

Don’t worry about those umms, uhhs, and random background noise! You just record your show and I’ll return it back to you with professional quality audio and affects.

Hourly rates available or a monthly package, Contact Me and let’s discuss your show and how I can help free up your time!

My Goal is for You to Absolutely Love Your Site!


Your online home should be something you are proud of! I will do everything in my power to ensure that this experience is smooth and you get exactly what you envisioned.

I stand by my work, 100%, and won’t rest until your site is just the way you want it!

What about hosting, do you provide that?

No, hosting is separate from your website package with Teal Ribbon Designs. You’ll need to secure hosting through a company like Go Daddy. They offer very reasonable packages as low as a few dollars per month to start. This is charged monthly or annually to your credit card or PayPal account.

I can help you find suitable hosting if you like.

What if I just want a blog?

Every wordpress website has blog capabilities built right in. If you only want a blog and no other pages, you can still have a custom domain and professional theme, for example check out SurvivingMyPast.net – this is a blog only with a few other basic pages.

Contact me for a discounted plan to get your wordpress blog up and running with a custom theme.

There are also free blogs available through sites like Blogger and WordPress, which are a great place to start. Then as you grow and want more functionality and customization, I can help with an affordable package.

What platform do you build my website on?
I use WordPress for your website. It’s the most popular website and blog platform in the world, offering customizing options that are nearly as limitless as your imagination.


Do you make custom graphics

Indeed, I do have experience with photoshop and canva, and can make beautiful, custom graphics that are on brand and reflect your website!

If this is something you’d like as part of your package, let me know during your free design call.


Who writes the copy for my site.

That’s your department 🙂 – I will build you the website you’ve always wanted, and you supply what you want in it.

For example, your “about me” page typically includes some of your life story, experience, and other general information about you that you want to share.

I can take care of stock photos and custom graphics if you like, and/or we can use photos and images that you have as long as you own the rights to them or have permission to use them. 

I will then format all of your content on the appropriate page(s) with the fonts and colors of your choice so it all flows seamlessly.

Domains, how do I get one?
If you don’t already have an existing domain, you’ll purchase one through a registrar like Go Daddy. This is what visitors will type into their browser to visit your website (the part just before the “.com”, “.net” etc.

I can show you how to purchase a domain, they are typically around $10 per year. This is a separate charge outside of your Teal Ribbon Website plan.

Do you offer payment plans

Yep, sure do! If you like, you can split up your package fee into installments using PayPal. Just let me know during your free design call and we’ll discuss the options available.


What are themes, how do I get one?

A theme is design foundation for your website on wordpress, and can be customized with your color scheme, font, images, and more.

I recommend themeforest.net , they have literally thousands of available wordpress themes for you to choose from.

I’m happy to help you pick one out based on your free design call, where we’ll discuss your ideas on how you’d like your site to look.

Themes are a one time additional charge, not included in your package. They run between $15-$65 on average, depending on the style, developer, options available, etc.

Do you create other types of websites?

Yep, although my main focus is creating websites for mental health advocates, survivors, and helping professionals, I do also work on other types of websites and blogs from time to time. 

It’s nice to mix things up with a little variety now and then…helps keep the creativity fresh 🙂


Can you re-purpose my existing content?
Absolutely! If you have a current website and you’re looking to give a fresh, new look. I’ll reuse the page content and images that you already have so you don’t lose any of your valuable content that you worked so hard to write and create.

With a little website creating magic I’ll take what you have now and turn it into something brand new and even more amazing.


Survivor Blog, customized theme, fonts, images, and magazine style home layout.


Foundation website with multiple form type integration, customized colors, fonts, logo, videos, and more.


Coaching website with customized theme including multiple page layouts, animations, and web forms.

Kris10Shines Healing

Reiki Practitioner & Animal Communicator design. Greens & Yellows, earthy tones, with multiple form types and more.


Coaching website, utilizing a simple, straight forward layout that’s tasteful and easy to navigate.


Podcast themed website that highlights the most recent shows, easy access to past episodes, sponsors information, web forms, and more. 


Pittsburgh Steelers fan site and blog, with traditional post style homepage, custom sidebar, and feature image.

Healing Book Club

One page, book club, website, Sleek, easy to navigate, and streamlined. Very responsive.


A website I built as a landing page for my coaching, advocacy work, and podcast. 1 page design, with multiple animations. 

Self Care Cruise

One page design, features subtle animation, branded colors, countdown timer, FAQ drop down boxes, and more. 

More About TRC…

Well, let’s see… Teal Ribbon Creations is the creative brainchild of Matt Pappas (that’s me).

I’m a Certified Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, Podcaster, and Advocate. In my spare time I enjoy creating websites (for over 10 years now) and utilizing the creativity that has served me so well in life. 

Teal Ribbon Creations was founded not only out of a desire to build websites for others, but to specifically help a niche that I’m involved in and passionate about; mental health professionals, bloggers, and advocates.

We spend so much of our time helping others, continuing our own healing, and doing what we are passionate about, which doesn’t always leave time to keep our web presence up to date, or start one in the first place. That’s where I come in!

As someone who gets where you’re coming from, I’ll work with you to bring to life a site that is uniquely You and Your Brand.

Let’s Do This!


Click down there on that cool little button, to schedule your free design call. No pressure, No hassle!

We’ll see what develops and go from there.